Bellamy beats Goldenballs to the Olympics

By Lee McCarthy

Bellamy’s inclusion above Beckham has shocked everyoneNews broke yesterday that former England Captain David Beckham would not be selected for the upcoming GB Olympic squad.

The 37 year old midfielder was classed by many to be a certainty for the GB squad given his international experience as well his notoriety around the world, not to mention the work he did on the 2012 Olympic bid.

It would seem that Stuart Pearce has chosen Ryan Giggs, Micah Richards and Craig Bellamy as his three over the age of twenty three players.

Becham had certainly played a major role in bringing the games to London in 2012 and has spoken recently about how he “wanted to be a part of history” by competing in the Olympics in his home town. Beckham himself stated in May that he thought he he a “good chance” of being selected in the GB Olympic squad.

Some may say that at the age of 37 Beckham is far past his prime, whilst it is true that he is not the David Beckham that ran himself into the ground during the qualifying game with Greece all those years ago. He still is in great shape, injury free and has passion for his country that is unquestionable.

Craig Bellamy’s selection in the squad may have come as a shock to many especially given his inclusion over that of David Beckham. As a Liverpool supporter I can’t deny that Bellamy was one of our best players last year, but looking realistically and knowing his recurring knee problems, is he suitable to be playing in tournament football with games coming every few days?

Personally I can’t see Bellamy starting, more so being used as a substitute. It is still unclear exactly who has been selection in the 23 man GB Olympic squad. One thing we know for certain that none of England’s Euro 2012 Squad will be selected. With the squad being submitted early next week one can only guess who will make the final 23.

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