Controversy Surrounds Anfield As Liverpool Training Kit Sponsors Could Have A Potential Deal With The ***


Trouble seems to be brewing with the fact that one of Contro

The current training kit sponsors seem to have a tie up with the S*n’s “Dream Team FC”, which doesn’t mean good news for fans of the Premier League club and it could lead to a massive backlash.

Most Liverpool fans would be appalled with this link between the newspaper and the betting company. This is a direct link between the two as Dream Team is a product of the S*n and this certainly is not what many would want from one of the sponsors of the club.

Repercussions for the management?

There are some serious questions that need to be raised for both parties involved. How could BetVictor decide to line up with the one media house that the Liverpool fans have issues with, especially with the history of the Hillsborough tragedy?

Another big question has to be raised at the Liverpool management, they might be looking to increase the revenue for the club but ethics seems to have been thrown out of the window. No Liverpool fan would even think about being linked with the S*n and this certainly seems like a desperate ploy to bring in more money at the club.

Liverpool need not be this desperate for the cash, they still have a lot of other sponsorship deals and recently the Reds did sign a deal with Malaysia Airlines, which should strengthen their foothold in the Asian market.

FSG certainly have made Liverpool an attractive proposition with a number of great deals for the Merseyside club but they should remember that the club still has a great link with the fans. The Reds have always been a club that thinks about the fans more than others and the owners certainly are walking on a thin line.

They already have had to deal with the ticket pricing issue and the decision not to work more on the expansion of Anfield. If they do not work on this issue of BetVictor soon, there could be a lot of negativity coming in from the fans.

There can only be one outcome from this problem and that is BetVictor have to come out with an apology and statement. It might be a little too hard to see the sponsorship come to an end before the season ends but the end of the road for the relationship between the betting side and Liverpool isn’t all that far away.

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