Jurgen Klopp Is Open To This Transfer: Insists The Player That He Is Always Welcomed At Anfield


Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard recently posted a message on Instagram which gave a hint that he would be leaving the LA Galaxy at the end of the season. While many are speculating where Gerrard might be moving to at the end of the season, current Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has stated that Gerrard would be welcome at the Premier League side.

Gerrard did leave Liverpool in 2015 and has spent two seasons in the United States but the toll of traveling for games seems to be having an adverse effect on him. The 36-year-old posted this on Instagram recently.

“Living in Los Angeles and playing for the great Galaxy supporters has been a privilege. You have made this place feel like home to me. This city and this club will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you.”

What might sound like great news for the Reds, Klopp was speaking to Goal and was open about the former Liverpool captain returning home.

“Steven Gerrard – and this will be a really big surprise – is always so welcome at Liverpool FC

“You cannot imagine how welcome. So there is absolutely no problem, but everything we will talk to each other about will stay in these talks.

“That is how I know Stevie and that is how I am. Nobody should be worried that we don’t have space for Steven Gerrard. Everything will be fine, 100 percent.”

A coaching role on the cards for the legend?

Expecting Gerrard to slot into the Liverpool side might be a little too much to wish for. The 36-year-old would find it hard to adjust to the pace of the football in England and a better option would be to join the coaching staff under Klopp.

The Englishman has earlier stated that coaching is something he could try out and many believe that Gerrard is one who could be a Liverpool manager in the future. While Jurgen Klopp is the man for the job now, it would not hurt Gerrard to pick up a few tips and tricks from the German.

Gerrard would also be someone who could be a big brother to some of the younger players in the team. There also is not a lot of experience in the side this season and the Englishman would be a perfect player to have behind the scenes.

Liverpool have been playing excellent football this season and with the backing and support of the former captain in the side, who knows what all they can achieve this campaign.