Liverpool Ready To Make A Move For This £22m-rated Benfica Striker – Olympic Gold Medalist From Mexico

Raul Jimenez

Another day and another player is linked with a move to Liverpool. This time it is Benfica’s Raul Jimenez, the Mexican star has scored five goals in the Portuguese league and could be on his way to Anfield if the Reds bid close to £22m according to

The Reds have been in search of a quality player for their attack this season and with a number of injuries to forwards such as Daniel Sturridge and Danny Ings, Jurgen Klopp does need to bring in someone who can push the Premier League side to the next level.

The Mexican does have a reputation of scoring goals and he does have five in 10 games but what will surprise many is that the 25-year-old hasn’t been able to seal a starting position in the Benfica side and has played six games as a sub in the league.

The 25-year-old was set to join West Ham after leaving Atletico Madrid in 2015 but apparently missed the flight as he overslept. He then signed for the Portuguese club for a deal worth to be £18m but it does seem a little weird that Benfica wants to sell him off so quickly.

An increase of just £4m from his original transfer fee isn’t that great a deal for the Portuguese side. Most clubs in the country actually make a lot of money when they sell their star players and even though Jimenez has won a lot with his Mexican side, such as the Gold in the 2012 London Olympics, he might not be the best option for the Reds.

Is Jimenez the man for the Reds?

The German manager has been looking to bring in quality and while not a lot is known about the Mexican striker, he can play in various positions and his versatility could be something that Klopp could exploit.

Not many expected Sadio Mane to do well after he joined the Reds or for even Georginio Wijnaldum to thrive but the pair have been instrumental for the charge up the table of the Reds. Klopp could be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to transfers and maybe Jimenez could be the man that provides a bit of sturdiness to the Premier League side.

The 25-year-old did play in the Olympics and does know about English conditions but it does seem highly unlikely that this player will be coming to the Reds anytime soon.