Liverpool Fans Brace for Big Changes in 2017


This season was a roller coaster for Liverpool and the team is still far from certain of its presence in the Champions League. They still have a slight advantage over Manchester United and their City rivals but also a game less. Klopp is 100% focused on sending the Reds to the most important European competition, but is also concerned about the future. He needs more firepower upfront, especially now when Daniel Sturridge is expected to leave the team. Injuries took their toll and Daniel scored just twice, prompting the German manager to start looking for alternatives.

The German Bundesliga Is the Best Recruiting Ground

Jurgen Klopp knows more about the German first division that any other manager in the Premier League. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he is expected to recruit most of his players from the Bundesliga at the end of the season. All the bookmakers listed expect Bayern Munich to win the next trophy and Germany’s finest is more interested in buying than selling players. Leipzig on the other hand has brought some remarkable players in the spotlight and some of them are quite keen on joining Liverpool.

Timo Werner is the most likely player to be traded at the end of the season, after scoring plenty of goals this season for Leipzig. The upside of trading him instead of an older player is that he can become an invaluable part in Liverpool’s rotation. Klopp will likely negotiate for this gifted youngster, but he has other players on his list. It won’t be easy to get his hands on midfielder Naby Keïta from Werner Bremen, as he is sought after by Atletico Madrid, Arsenal and Bayern Munich. The fans have plenty of reasons to be optimistic, but Liverpool footballers should prepare for some serious competition from the newcomers.