[Video] Liverpool Receive Great Injury Update As Henderson Showcases Strength And Fitness In Latest Video

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson missed a great deal of the season last time around and barely played in the final three months while nursing an ankle injury. While no surgery was required, there definitely was discomfort for the Englishman as he couldn’t return to the first team.

Many even questioned whether Hendo would be fit for the next season as his mystery injury keeps flaring up time and again. But that seems to have been thrown away after our captain was filmed taking part in a promotional video for Maximuscle.

The Englishman has featured in previous videos for the brand and this time was taking on a Men’s Health cover model in a number of physical challenges set to test their strength.

The two were set five challenges and the battle went down to the last one as, surprisingly, our captain defeated the fitness model.

Five battles to prove your strength and ability

The 26-year-old and the model started with pull ups on rings and Hendo got in 15 which was just one less than his opponent Toby Rowland.

That wasn’t too bad from Hendo and he won the next challenge which was the rowing machine. Hendo does have a great engine in him and he just about got the better of Rowland and leveled the scores at 1-1.

The sled pull was the third event that the duo went through and it was Rowland that got the win over Hendo by just a couple of seconds.

The pair dueled closely in the weighted planks too but again Hendo’s core strength came to his rescue as he took the battle to a deciding fifth event.

The final challenge was keepy-uppies but there was a bit of a twist as Hendo had to use a rugby ball and not a football. That didn’t stop our captain from coming out trumps and beating Rowland 3-2 in the competition.

Hopefully, Hendo can keep his fitness for the upcoming season as we will need him for the extra European games. Things do look bright for our captain at the moment, and if he stays fit for the entire campaign, who knows what we will end up achieving,

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