“I f****** wish I could speak German to you” Lallana Speaks Out On The Treatment He Gets From An Angry Klopp

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana has revealed how Jurgen Klopp reacts when he is angry and further explained what is it like to work with the German.

Lallana is yet to make an appearance for Liverpool this season since picking up a thigh injury against Atletico Madrid during the pre-season preparation and although he is now back in full training at Melwood and is close to being considered for a first-team return, it is still unsure as to when exactly will he return.

The 29-year-old was discussing how Klopp manages to inspire his players and as quoted in Raphael Hoginstein’s Bring the Noise: The Jurgen Klopp story, being serialised in the Daily Mail, Lallana revealed,

“A lot of the time, mainly when he’s angry, Klopp says: ‘I f****** wish I could speak German to you,” Lallana says in ‘Bring the Noise: The Jurgen Klopp story’.

Lallana also explained that Klopp is perfectly fluent in English, however, it indeed frustrates him at times.

“His English is tremendous, actually. I understand whatever he needs and wants to say. But it does frustrate him at times… He can give you a b******ing, he can really praise you. The hugs, they are really genuine as well.

“He will tell you when he is happy with you. He will tell you when he is not happy with you. He is just genuine, straight‑ up.”

Jurgen Klopp is known for his passion, his enthusiasm; be it on the field or off it. He knows how to express himself and speaking about the same, Lallana further quoted how straightforward the 50-year-old is.

“He can’t hide his emotions, can he? If he wants to say something he will end up saying it. He says he can be your friend, but not your best friend because he has to have those difficult conversations with you at times. He would sometimes get frustrated, telling us that we don’t believe how good we are.”

With the season approaching its business end now, Klopp will want all of his senior players back in action. Liverpool next face Southampton at Anfield followed by a trip to Spain to face Sevilla in the Champions League. The fixture congestion has unfortunately coincided with Sadio Mane’s hamstring injury.

Mane is scheduled to travel back to England after helping Senegal qualify for their first World Cup finals in 16 years and it has already started worrying Klopp.

“It is a concern that the hamstring injury is again on the agenda and it will be critical for us to monitor and manage that in the coming days,” Klopp was quoted by the Guardian.

Let’s hope our injury concerns don’t affect the performances on the pitch.