Police to quiz father who filmed Carragher spitting while the family urge Sky Sports not to sack the former defender

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher

The father who shot pundit Jamie Carragher spitting at his 14-year-old daughter is set to be questioned by police for using his mobile while driving as his family request Sky Sports not to sack the former Liverpool defender over the outrageous incident.

Carragher, 40, spat at the car in which the young Manchester United fan was travelling, following a short verbal spat with the girl’s father after Liverpool lost 2-1 to Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday.

The shocking incident has seen the former defender get suspended by Sky Sports and was informed that he will not appear on Monday Night Football after being axed by Danish channel TV3 Sport.

However, as per the Daily Mail, the parents of the 14-year-old girl have said that they don’t want to see Carragher get sacked and insist that the pundit has shown heartfelt regret in apologising for his actions.

Speaking to Sky News, Carragher called it “a moment of madness”.

He said: “Biggest regret was that a young girl was caught up in the middle of the altercation.

“That devastates me more than anything. I’ve got a daughter exactly the same age and I can’t say how I’d react if someone did that to her.

“I’ve made mistakes in my 25-year career, but this is the worst one.”

The Daily Mail report that Greater Manchester Police are set to contact the girl’s father for using his mobile phone for filming the incident while driving.

He won’t undergo legal action and will instead be advised about the illegal practice by officers, the Daily Mail adds. The AA says both Carragher and the teenager’s father will be given a talking on driver awareness courses over their naïve actions on the road while on the wheel.

Meanwhile, President Edmund King told the Daily Mirror:

“This unsavoury incident is a stark reminder to all drivers that they should concentrate on the road ahead rather than film or road rage at other drivers.

“It is a serious offence to use a hand-held phone at the wheel which one driver certainly seems to be doing.

“The tactical display from both drivers, on attack and in defence, is diabolical.

“Both drivers perhaps need road safety refresher courses.”

This has to go down as one of the biggest blunders in Carragher’s life. It is a shameful act and he has given a wrong message to everyone following his punditry.