Liverpool issue update on tickets for Champions League final and the fans are not happy

Liverpool successfully beat AS Roma on the basis of aggregate goals to smoothly progress to the Champions League final but it seems like the fans’ journey will not be all that hassle-free.

Scores of Reds supporters are eagerly awaiting a chance to go watch the final against Real Madrid at Kiev but due to limited spots and ticketing constraints, it looks like a lot of our fellow fans are not pleased.

As per a report from Daily Express, Liverpool fans were allotted a total of 16,626 tickets for the match. In the grand scheme of things, that is a decent amount but given the gravity of the fixture, it is unsurprising to see so many fans trying to get their hands on the tickets.

Some of those tickets were allotted after the ballot sale but a good majority of the fans continue to be on the waiting list. And if a recent update from Liverpool’s official website is anything to go by, it seems like most of us will have to wait quite a while.

Following Monday’s sale, a similar ballot sale was due to happen today starting from the numbers 1-719. The sale is expected to go on till 16th May and depending on whether or not tickets remain after this sale, the next dates will be announced.

Clearly, this did not bode well with some of our fans on Twitter. Once the update was posted by our club’s official Twitter account, some fans responded with some angry messages which, at this point, seems justifiable to an extent.

The situation is truly unfortunate but regardless of where we watch the game, let’s hope Liverpool are able to beat the defending champions at Kiev!