Two long-lost friends reunite in Kiev over mutual love for Liverpool and the story is heartwarming

We live in a world where people are more active on social media than they are in real life and in such a situation, you’d think we would have no troubles in remaining connected to the people we met either in school or college.

However, a recent report from Liverpool Echo tells the heart-warming tale of two school friends reconnecting in Kiev over their mutual love for Liverpool and a pint of beer!

Raymond Low, 59, was born in Liverpool but he moved to Asia when he was 21 years old. However, he was in Kiev for the colossal Champions League final against Real Madrid and about two days before the game, Low was at the fan park where he ran into Gary Parle.

While the duo bonded over their love for Liverpool, they eventually realised that they had actually gone to the same school. After 45 years, the two friends finally met again and one can imagine the emotions that might have surged through the two men.

They were in the same class at the age of 11 in Broad Square school but once Ray joined college in Aigburth, the duo drifted apart. The report goes on to claim that Gary and Raymond will now ensure they stay in touch.

Football is indeed a delightful game to watch but sometimes, the sport can help create miracles outside the stadiums and that only adds to the magic of the beautiful game.