‘Investigate both of Sergio Ramos’ incidents’: Liverpool fans furious as doctors confirm concussion to star player in CL final

Loris Karius

Loris Karius suffered a concussion during the Champions League final against Real Madrid according to the doctors. As reported by the BBC, Karius was tested in Boston in the US and Dr Ross Zafonte claimed that the injury could have possibly affected the German’s performance.

The doctor did not pinpoint the exact moment when Karius suffered the concussion but he did claim that the Liverpool keeper suffered from “visual spatial dysfunction”, which hampers the ability to judge visual information and the location of objects.

Prior to conceding the first goal to Karim Benzema, Karius was elbowed by Sergio Ramos, however, the match officials did not catch the act during the game.

Dr Zafonte did suggest that Karius would make a full recovery, however, Twitter was not letting go of this new revelation. Here are some of the reactions from Liverpool fans.

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