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What A Footballer Would Eat On A Daily Basis?



Next season could prove to be one of the biggest seasons in the past 12 years for Liverpool. Manager Brendon Rodgers kept his job by the skin of his teeth last year and will have to repay the faith shown in him. His coaching team has changed though, and a host of signings will give the reds a new approach they were crying out for last season. Most importantly though it will be the first season they have been led by a different captain to Steven Gerrard since he was given the armband in 2003.

Everyone will remember Gerrard for his champions league goal against Olympiacos or his equaliser in the FA cup against West Ham. But there was so much more to his game and what the team will miss the most is his energy and ability to run that extra mile more than anyone else.

It’s a huge void to fill for Liverpool and whether Jordan Henderson can step up or James Milner shows the never say die attitude he’s known for, they need to find that player who can control the game and run from box to box for 90 minutes.

How do midfielders get so much energy though? A new interactive showed that they can run up to a huge 9.5 miles during a game. When you consider this will involve a lot of cutting, tackling and sprinting it will require a lot of energy. The stats showed that they will burn a massive 3000 calories during a game. That is the equivalent of the daily calorie intake of the average man.

It shows how important it is for players to put the right fuel in their bodies. The piece highlighted how many calories a footballer will consume and it takes a whopping 3800 to give them the energy to perform at such a high level.

The World Sports Food Fight allows you to see what a footballer would eat on a daily basis and breaks down each meal. You can then view the performance levels that are expected which helps you see why they eat so much.

The educational piece is a handy tool that can be used by any young athletes who are looking to increase their performance level. It can also be used to compare the diets in different sports. Check out The World Sports Food Fight to discover what you should be eating to gain an advantage in a range of different sports.