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WOW! Liverpool’s Midfield Engine Star Makes An Emotional Statement



Liverpool’s midfield engine James Milner has said that he is “devastated” after hearing about the series injuries suffered by his teammates Danny Ings and Joe Gomez.

Both Ings and Gomez are expected to miss the entire season because of the injury.

Danny Ings

Danny Ings

Milner said (to the official Liverpool Website),

“I’m devastated for Danny and Joe. Jordan Rossiter has come back with a hamstring strain so it was not a good international break.

“I am gutted for Danny. He has come in and done really well. He was just chasing a ball in training.

 “It is devastating after making his England debut but I said to him: ‘it could be a lot worse, it could have come before you made your England debut, but you did that and had come in and done really well for us.”