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A Player Or A Staff: Why Liverpool Fans Should Be Positive About Gerrard’s Rumours




Reports this week stated that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard might return back to his former club, Liverpool, as a player. This news was supported with the fact that the current Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp is said to have several conversations with Steven Gerrard. This news has aroused excitememt among the Liverpool fans and also other premier league fans. However, we think the return of Gerrard to Liverpool as a player is not a possibility.

If you ask why, we have a few reasons to tell.

Firstly, it’s just because the MLS bosses said so. They have clearly stated that there will be no more loan deals for their world known players like Gerrard. It is these players who help to promote the MLS league. A loan deal is denied for both Gerrard and his former England teammate, Frank Lampard. Lampard went out on loan to Manchester City last season, but this time the Americans are not willing to give them away. MLS commissioner, Dan Barber has made it clear that Steven Gerrard’s contract rules out a loan for deal to any other club, even if it is the player’s boyhood club. Considering the fact that Gerrard’s contract is with LA Galaxy and the contract runs until the December of next year, the chances of Gerrard returning as a player to Liverpool is highly unlikely.

Now to the second reason. Jurgen Klopp said so. Klopp confirmed that he has talked with Gerrard (one phone call and a few messages according to Klopp’s words). These were his words, when he talked about Gerrard’s return:

“Of course our doors are always open for him, that is clear. But nothing else. Everybody can learn from Stevie, but Stevie has a contract with LA Galaxy. He loves this club and he is a legend and we can talk about different stuff.”

Klopp’s words almost makes it clear that Gerrard’s return as a player is highly unlikely. Klopp, in a way, has repeated what the MLS bosses had said. However, Klopp is very much happy to have Gerrard at Liverpool’s training ground. His presence will light up the atmosphere even more. Klopp’s words looked like that he is even interested in giving Gerrard a backroom staff role. Gerrard is currently taking his UEFA B license. Gerrard stated in one his recent interviews that he intends to hang up his boots after his contract with LA Galaxy ends next December.

Now these were the words of the bosses from two sides. The third reason is from our part. Do Liverpool really need Gerrard back as a player? At the moment Liverpool have five central midfielders including Lucas Leiva, who is a defensive midfielder. One may argue that none of those midfielders can match Gerrard’s quality. It may have been true, but now Gerrard’s quality has worn off. It was quite evident during Gerrard’s last season at Liverpool.

James Milner have been playing poor and Joe Allen is no match for Gerrard. Emre Can is inexperienced. So, we may come to the conclusion that Gerrard is better than the majority of Liverpool’s central midfielders. But, under Jurgen Klopp’s high intensive football, Gerrard will struggle more than Milner and Allen. Milner is famous for his work rate and even he is struggling to thrive under Klopp. Gerrard will not be able to handle the high intensity and Klopp’s ‘Gegenpressing’. But we cannot deny the fact that, Gerrard will definitely improve Liverpool’s set pieces.

With all respect to the Mr. Liverpool, it is quite clear that he is not needed at the club as a player. But his presence as a backroom staff is definitely going to help the club and Klopp should really give him a role in the coaching side, when he hangs up his boots.