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Jordan Rossiter Scout Report: Can He Become The Next Gerrard?



Jordan Rossiter Scout Report

The Liverpool Academy have got lots of exciting talents and many of them could become future superstars. And out of them Jordan Rossiter is one of the most talked about Liverpool Academy players at the moment.


Basic Player Profile

Jordan Bernard Rossiter was born on 24th March 1997 and now he is 18 years old. The youngster is 178 cm tall (5 feet and 10 inches) and weighs 68kg and that’s according to  Rossiter is a natural central midfielder and he is right footed. He could also play as a defensive midfielder. Rossiter’s currently wears the No.46 for Liverpool.

Comparisons To Steven Gerrard

Jordan Rossiter is often compared to Mr. Liverpool, Steven Gerrard. Current Liverpool first team squad does not have scousers in it (Flanagan is the only permanent first team scouser, but he is injured for sometime now) and the Liverpool fans want some Scousers from the academy to step up. The presence of Scousers are really important in matches against teams like Everton and Manchester United. Steven Gerrard was the man who inspired the Liverpool team in such situations. Gerrard, being a Scouser and one of the best Liverpool players should be replaced and can only be replaced by someone of his kind. And Jordan Rossiter, in many ways is of Gerrard’s kind. We cannot guarantee that Rossiter will become as good as Gerrard, but he is definitely having a big role to play at Liverpool in the near future. The fans compare Rossiter to Gerrard, because of they both are Scousers. But that’s not it, they have more things in common. Many people say that they both look alike. Rossiter’s short haired head indeed has similarities to Gerrard’s head, when he once had very short hair. Both of them play in the same position too. Like Gerrard, Rossiter is a great captain too. He is already the captain of Liverpool’s U-21 side. To add to all these, they both have very similar playing styles too.

Playing Style

Rossiter is a cool headed player who is not afraid to make tackles anywhere on the pitch. He is very good on the ball too. He is known for his good passing technique and ability. He is a very brave and intelligent player and that is the reason he got the captain’s armband for Liverpool’s U-21 side at a young age. All these attributes can also be seen in Gerrard. So the comparisons between Rossiter and Gerrard are valid. He again proved his likeliness to Gerrard when he scored an almost ‘Gerrard-esque’ goal in a League Cup match against Middlesbrough. It was his senior team debut and he made a dream start to his Liverpool career that day. A low drive shot from 30 yards away saw the bottom left-corner of the net. Rossiter is also good at getting into goal scoring positions. He also presses well his opponents.

The Writer’s Say

He may have similarities to Gerrard, but that does not guarantee that he is the next Gerrard. In the future, he may turn out to be a completely different player. To be the next Gerrard is a difficult task and a huge pressure to take. Even if he does not become the next Gerrard he has the potential to replace Gerrard. He has the potential to be a Liverpool legend and he could become e the Liverpool captain in the future. As a Liverpool fan, I am really looking forward to see him get more playing time this season and he could become a first team regular in the next couple of seasons. He is constantly training with Liverpool’s first team squad and now with Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool’s manager, Rossiter has got the best atmosphere to grow into a top class football player.