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No Family Visits: But Liverpool Ace Claims It Is Worth It!



Jurgen Klopp, the manager who changed the stakes at Liverpool, can be described as the Liverpool’s savior of sorts. The club, which under the reign of Rodgers lacked confidence in themselves and in what Rodgers had in mind, has now changed drastically under Klopp’s guidance.

João Carlos Teixeira, the 22 year old Portugese midfielder is all praises about his new boss. The midfielder claims that the German has barred all family visits, but understands that it is all worth it.

 “He’s a manager with fixed ideas and is someone with rules. An example? He stopped friends and family coming to see the players at the academy, but just because he has rules doesn’t make him a dictator, quite the contrary. He’s sympathetic and a good communicator. He says he’s our friend, but not our best friend.”

“The team presses high. We are collective and more compact and all the players know what to do on the pitch. We are playing well and have been superior to our opponents.” says João Carlos Teixeira.

The fact that the restriction on family and friends from visiting the players in the academy, initiated by the man himself is taken in good humor by the players shows how much the Reds like and respect the views of their new manager. Klopp has always had a good relationship with his players, even while he was in Dortmund, the coach has been affectionate towards the players.

The Klopp effect on Liverpool has made the team more compact and there is more teamwork amongst the Reds. The players now know what they are supposed to do, courtesy Klopp’s pre-match preparations and the eye for detail.