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WOW! Alex Ferguson Is A Worried Man, Klopp Is The Reason



United’s former Manager Alex Ferguson says he is worried because of Klopp.

“I’m worried about him because the one thing United don’t want is Liverpool to get above us,” Ferguson said

Jurgen Klopp’s magic has woven around Liverpool, however, this has also gotten the other clubs out of  their comfortable seat and one of which is united. As the United’s legend was saying he is worried about Klopp and Liverpool going ahead of Manchester united.


As we all know United would not like if Liverpool overtook Manchester in the league. Acc to Alex, Klopp’s personality is a clear class which he describes using the example of one of the matches of Liverpool  where the Reds lost against Newcastle and the manager went ad congratulated Steve McClaren.

Klopp will make a lot of difference in the club and things are looking up for Liverpool, according to Ferguson. What Ferguson believes is not at all doubtful even the fans believe that Liverpool will reach the stars under the reign of Klopp.