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Talking Tactics: Three Things That Liverpool And Klopp Needs To Do To Beat Arsenal



Deal with the balls in the area

The Reds have been abysmal dealing with the aerial balls floated into the penalty area by the opposition. A lot of goals the side has conceded this season have been simple balls that were put in opposition with hardly any quality on it. Arsenal have a number of big burly players who would give Klopp a lot to think about while planning his set piece defending strategy. It’s not merely headed goals but also goals scored from spills and weak punches that have left Liverpool red faced.

One man who will be at the forefront of the German’s strategy will be Simon Mignolet who has been very poor when it comes to handling his box. Like many Liverpool fans across the globe, Klopp too will be hoping for a miracle when the teams meet since there is realistically very little chance of Mignolet growing the skill he has failed to develop since a long time.

Score Goals


The side has been pretty horrible at either ends of the pitch, neither scoring enough goals, nor defending well to win games that they had an upper hand in. With just 22 goals so far, the side is currently the second least goal scoring club amongst the top 10 teams in the league and that has to change for good if they are to improve on their current position in the table.

Injuries to other striker means that Benteke is the only proven striker with experience. For some reason, we are tempted to believe Klopp might gamble with Jerome Sinclair atop the line-up. He has pace, skill and knows where the goal is. Playing him would send strong signals to the £32 million striker whom the critics and fans have pointed out to be one of the biggest reasons for Liverpool’s failures in front of the goal.



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