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Great News Kopites – Liverpool Ticket Prices Under Review




Liverpool fans are known to be very loyal and stick with their team’s display, no matter what, till the end of the game. However, on Saturday’s game again Sunderland there was a strange sighting as thousands of fans flooded the exit gate on 77th minute of the game.

The reason? Protest for the new pricing of the ticket. The Liverpool owners, Fenway Sports Group, had announced that the new ticket price will be implemented from the next season and the most expensive tickets will be priced at £77. Thus the major exodus of fans at the 77th minute.

Some of the fans, who hold season tickets, have been informed that their ticket prices will increase from £869 to £1,029 for the same seating. An option for them to pay the old price and take another seat at higher altitude has also been given. Obviously this has made the fans unhappy since they feel they are already paying a lot for the ticket.

It was reported that the fans are planning further protest in the upcoming games. Especially against City and Chelsea. FSG is said to be working out a strategy to calm the fans down.

The Times has reported that Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre along with the likes of Tom Werner, Mike Gordon and the Liverpool chairman will meet up to discuss about the possibility of reviewing the ticket prices since the price rise has seen a severe backlash from the supporters especially at a time when the club is under the process of re-building.

Klopp in his pre-match press conference asked the supporters to see both sides of the debate and to be patient with the club.

After the fiasco at Anfield last Saturday, fans have also taken to social media to voice their disconcern and the Sprit of Shankly supporters group, allegedly the largest Kop supporting group in the UK targeting club sponsors to try and increase the pressure on Ayre and his cronies.