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Liverpool Linked With Crazy £25m Deal



Liverpool are getting linked with Antonio Candreva again. This has happened before and is happening again that Lazio’s Candreva is getting linked with the Premier League club for a huge fee.

ITA Sport Press say that Liverpool are willing to cough up £25 million for the player. When asked, neither of the clubs were willing to give any explanation about the deal or the offer being prepared. Some suspect that the reason for the silence is that the news is not correct.

Italian media is well known for spreading unrealistic rumors and it could be just one of those. Candreva turns 29 this month and the amount of money mentioned is too high for a player of his age and caliber. Would Liverpool pay £25 million if Candreva was 25 years old? Not likely even then. The expectation is that these stories will die in few days’ time and then pop up again in a month or two. Maybe its a publicity campaign for Candreva by his agents or fans.