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Liverpool vs Manchester City (Opponent Analysis): Analyzing City’s Strengths And Weakness



Liverpool vs Manchester City  – Opponent Analysis

A chance to make things even with Manchester City as Jurgen Klopp and his men prepare themselves for a tough battle at Anfield. Both the teams have had a packed-up schedule lately and have shown signs of fatigue. This game is very important for both the sides as three points can prove to be very important at this stage of the league. Klopp and Pellegrini share a lot of mutual respect but the stakes are very high when Liverpool play Manchester City at Anfield.


Both the teams are expected to have a very different approach for this one as a win will do a great favor to each side. Liverpool will certainly try to take the home advantage and pressurize City at every possible occasion. Manchester City on the other hand, will try and surprise Liverpool on a counter-attack and will be on the cusp of exploiting any gaps in the Liverpool defense.

Here is a look at how the opponents are preparing themselves ahead of the big game.

Team News

After the major success in the final, Manchester City will certainly be looking to capitalize on their recent form and look to get three points at Anfield. Pellegrini should go with the same formation that he played on Sunday. However, the big news is that Yaya Toure will not be a part of the starting 11. This can be a big blow to the manager as Toure played a pivotal role in the midfield. De Bruyne, Nasri and Delph will be missing from the team due to injuries but the manager has a lot of options courtesy the depth in his line-up.


Aguero has been the man to look out for and he is constantly tormenting with the defenders. Raheem Sterling is also showing some promise but he will not be welcomed by Liverpool supporters. David Silva has been instrumental at the sides and his presence can be a threat to Liverpool. Clichy keeps making those runs on the wider side causing troubles to defenders.


The absence of Yaya Toure is a big blow for Pellegrini. He helped city dominate possession and provided effective crosses in the six-yard box. With his absence, the pressure is on Fernandinho. The city back-line has been a problem this season with a lack of consistency and Liverpool will have to take an advantage of this fact. Kompany will have to show his leadership at the back.