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WOW! Klopp Turned This Team Into A Family



Alberto Moreno has given a praising review of Jurgen Klopp in an interview for Marca. While the majority of the discussions were around the Capital One Cup final against Manchester City he also spoke about the team, the manager and the chance in life after Brendan Rogers.


He has praised Klopp in spite of few unsuccessful outings recently and has reinstated his faith in the manager’s plan. Moreno revealed that while we see Jurgen Klopp happy and smiling in the public and during the match, he is a very serious person during the training session. Also, the 23-year-old defender is cherishing the round of 16 clash against Manchester United in Europa League.“With Klopp we’ve gained confidence. He convinces us to go to matches at 200%. The main change is that he wants us to be a family and to know that, if one fails, we all fail. We are not having the results we wanted, but we are in the right direction.”

“Out of the pitch he’s a happy and close person, you always see him smiling. In work time he is serious and disciplined. He likes everything to go fine.”

Liverpool has been a little more stable since Jurgen Klopp took over from Brendan Rogers mid season. While the results have not been spectacular, the signs of improvement is clear in the team. Fans and clubs are hopeful of a better season next year.