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Shocking Move! Arsenal Winger Set To Join Liverpool In Summer?



We cannot remember the last time when a player moved from Arsenal to Liverpool but according to LiverpoolEcho, we may see it happening this summer. The website has reported that Liverpool has shown interest in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


The 22-year-old player is one of the quickest in the Premier League and Jurgen Klopp seems to be interested in the player. The player has been identified as a target for Manchester City but Liverpool are also said to be in contention. Manchester City has been known to take players from Arsenal before and if given a choice Gunners will probably sell Ox to Liverpool than City.

Whether Chamberlain will be willing to leave the club or not is a different story but if he does and if Arsenal are willing to let him go, he may choose Liverpool over Manchester City as we saw happening with Robin Van Persie turning down City. Earlier the style of Liverpool and Arsenal were of stark contrast but after Jurgen Klopp’s arrival the Reds have shown smooth flowing football where Ox can fit in perfectly.: