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Why This Brazilian Playmaker Is The Key To Liverpool’s Transformation



8th Oct, 2015 – this was the day when Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool and replaced Brendan Rogers. Liverpool were in a state of disarray with the sacking of their manager and results not turning in their favor. A revival was needed at Anfield and the news of Klopp joining as manager came as a huge sigh of relief for the fans. He was given the mammoth task of bringing a transformation at Anfield.

Since his arrival, Klopp has been facing challenges in terms of squad selection and availability of players. He has made his intentions very clear in his press conferences that he is looking to transform the side completely and make Liverpool a young fearless side. Klopp also mentioned that he will not hesitate in sacrificing any player for the betterment of the club and is open to transfer negotiations even for the likes of Henderson, Benteke, and Skrtel.

However, the German boss knows the fact that there are some players who are loved at Anfield and who can perfectly fit in his tactical style of play. Philippe Coutinho is one such talent who can be the most important man for Klopp to build his team around.

Coutinho Is back


Impact of Coutinho

Coutinho has been one of the most important players for Liverpool in the recent past. After the departure of Suarez and Sterling, the Reds have been looking for an influential playmaker and Coutinho has certainly managed to impress the fans by his attacking gameplay. He has been the Barclays player of the month for the Reds on a number of occasions. Also, his ability to score in the big games makes him the man to watch out for the opponents. Coutinho’s versatility is also a thing to be noticed owing to his ability to play at various positions.

Importance for Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has a very attacking approach and always encourages open-ended football. If we look at his past record at Dortmund, he completely transformed the German side into a young attacking powerhouse by bringing in big names and also nurturing talents and making them serious contenders for the title. The same is expected at Anfield and to do so, the manager needs to make a lot of changes in the present side. But, Klopp also needs to rely heavily on the likes of someone who knows the system of Anfield and who has been there for a longer duration. Philippe Coutinho has been at Anfield for a more than 2 years now and has established himself as a favorite amongst the fans. His development and his maturity makes him a very important asset for Klopp to build his team around.