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WOW! Slovenian Star Issues A Come And Get Me Plea To Liverpool



“It’s normal to be associated with other teams when you play for so many years in the same club.” “If we were to get a good offer in the summer, I definitely would speak with my leadership. In this case, we would find a solution that satisfies everyone.”  Josip Ilicic stated few weeks ago.

The 28-year-old Slovenian Midfielder has said that he would consider to leave Fiorentina this summer. In his statement, Josip shows deep interest to be playing for other bigger teams as he has been associated for a long time with his current club. With any big offers that comes by his way, he will not hold himself to speak to his management for a switch.

The ITS Press has linked Josip Ilicic to be moving to Liverpool this summer. If that is true we will definitely get to see him joining the club as his statement shows a lot of his interest to move out of Fiorentina.

Liverpool is set to hand out over hundred-million-pound to their manager this summer so that he can rebuild the club to his liking. Liverpool not was not able to win the premier title in the last twenty years but after the arrival of Kloop the club and the fans are optimistic about the next season.