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Featured In 55 Out Of The 57 Games: Why This Bundesliga Star Will Be A Good Signing For Liverpool



Liverpool are on the hunt for a full-back as Jurgen Klopp looks to strengthen his side. This season, Liverpool clearly lacked a quality left-back as their new signing Gomez was injured for almost the entire season. Alberto Moreno struggled with form for quite some time and Klopp always wanted someone better defensively. Although Moreno has shown signs of improvement in his last few games, Klopp will still be on the look-out of a better full-back.

Hector’s rise to dominance

Hector has made his mark in German football in a span of less than 18 months. Since his inclusion in the first team of FC Koln, the full-back has featured in 55 out of the 57 games for his team. Germany manager Joaquim Low was also highly impressed by the abilities of Hector and gave him a call for the national side. Within the span of two years, Hector has already made 10 appearances for his national team. Now, Hector has almost cemented his position as the left-back for Germany and also is one of the key members of his club.

 A perfect fit for Liverpool?

The 25-year-old full-back is very strong defensively and is known to shrug off defenders in one-on-one situations and also put an end to the attacks from the wings. Another important aspect of his game is his fitness and English league is one where players are challenged physically and their fitness is put to test in every other game. Also, considering the problems that Liverpool have faced this season with the left-back role, Hector might just be the perfect signing for Jurgen Klopp in his quest to build a superior team.

When asked about the possibilities of a summer transfer to Liverpool, this is what Hector had to say. “You always have to consider whether you are ready to take the next step. But at the moment I am not thinking about it”. But when he was asked about the possibility if Klopp tries to persuade him, the German full-back was positive and mentioned that he might consider the option.

Also, Klopp will be running tight on budgets for the transfer window and he has a lot of positions that need refilling in the summer. The manager might not look at shelling out a huge sum on the left-back position. FC Koln have mentioned that they will be looking for a fee of around £12mn and this amount might just fall within the budget allocated to Klopp.