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Liverpool Manager Reveals His Transfer Strategies Ahead Of the Summer Transfer



Speaking to Red Bulletin, Jurgen Klopp has sounded an alarm to any player looking to move to Liverpool. They must be disciplined first and foremost.

In the interview, Klopp has said that even if a player is a great player but has a poor attitude he will not sign him under any circumstance. Liverpool has currently faced a few troublesome players such as Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling and the Reds seems to have had enough. The new manager wants the player to be completely dedicated to the club and not have a fit just because of external circumstances.

The fans will welcome the comment after their experience last summer with the transfer of Raheem Sterling. The English player wanted more money and pretty much forced Liverpool to sell him to Manchester City. This has left a bitter taste in the fans’ mind. If Klopp can deliver what he is saying such scenarios are unlikely.

The German manager had said, “Anyone can have a good day. But you have to be able to perform on a bad day. That’s what you live for as a sportsman. You have to put up a fight, I would never sign an a****** just because he’s great at football.”