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New Ownership and Partnerships: 3 Fresh Ideas For Liverpool For Next Season



Liverpool have been a team with a glorious history and a fighting spirit which is clearly evident in some of their performances. Over the years they have definitely evolved as a team, but in terms of silverware in the premiere league, it has been a long wait for the fans. The Reds had a wonderful season two years ago when the magic of Suarez and Sturridge was witnessed at Anfield and they had almost won the title for their club. However, after the departure of the Uruguayian, the Reds have not quite been as dangerous as they were in 2013. With the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, the fans have started to believe in the manager and are having hopes of a title in the near future. But the manager will take his time to settle down and formulate his vision for the club. Here are three things that we think can make the Reds dangerous title contenders.

New ownership

Liverpool have been recently linked with a takeover which involves middle east owners. The estimated amount involved is £700m and this sum could mean that Jurgen Klopp will definitely have larger funds to spend in the summer transfer window. Middle East ownership has been successful for Manchester City as they have been able to revive their team and bring in big players. If this move happens, Liverpool might be able to attract the big names and make some changes in the line-up.

New partnerships

Midfield and defensive woes have hit Jurgen Klopp’s side a lot this season. With injuries to Can and Henderson, Liverpool clearly lacked with options in the midfield. They had to rely on the likes of Chirivella and Stewart for some of the fixtures. Klopp would certainly not want this to happen in the next season and would want new players in his side to form newer partnerships. Even at the back, the partnership of Lovren and Sakho was working pretty well but with Sakho suspended, Liverpool have been very vulnerable at the back. A new defensive partnership at the back can also revive hopes for the manager and the fans.

Develop existing squad

A lot has been said about bringing in new players in the side but we all know what Jurgen Klopp did at Borussia Dortmund. He is known to develop existing players and this is what he can concentrate at Anfield as well. The Reds have a lot of talent with the likes of Firmino, Origi and Lallana and Klopp would look at bringing out the maximum from them.