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Is Liverpool’s Brazilian Superstar A Good Signing For PSG?



Transfer season is here and football fans all around the world are curiously going through sports sites like Sky Sports. Everyone is curious to know who goes where. Fans have set their eyes on the big guns of football to see what business they are going to do throughout the summer.

Liverpool fans are very excited to have Jurgen Klopp with them. And they are curious to see who he will be bringing to Anfield this summer. Liverpool have been heavily linked with top class players like 0Gonzalo Higuain. And it is certain that there will be quiet a good number of incomings at Liverpool. But sadly transfer season does not only mean the incoming of players but also the outgoing of players. Clubs will have to hold on to their best players and will have to keep those players away from other big clubs. Liverpool fans are familiar with such incidences and recently the fans couldn’t do anything when Barcelona came in calling for Luis Suarez.

With that being said, we have some bad news for the Liverpool fans. French giants, Paris Saint German, are reportedly looking to sign Phillpe Coutinho from Liverpool. A number of Liverpool journalists like Paul Joyce and Melissa Reddy has reported this. And they say that PSG will pay more than 40 Million Pounds to receive the services of the Brazilian, but Liverpool will resist the approaches from them. Liverpool are planning to hold on to Philippe Coutinho.

Let the clubs do the talks and business, but we are here to analyze. Will Philippe Coutinho be a good buy for PSG?

The answer is pretty simple to be honest. Yes, Coutinho will definitely be a good buy for PSG. Coutinho has proven himself and is on a rise. Season by season he is getting better and better. And now Philippe Coutinho might be ready to move on to another club. Considering the fact that Liverpool doesn’t have Champions League football and PSG have, it might be right to say that Coutinho will be moving to a better club.

Philippe Coutinho is a very creative attacking midfielder who can also operate from the wings and central midfield. At the moment PSG have a great playmaker in Angel Di Maria, but that won’t be a big problem for Coutinho as he is versatile. Javier Pastore, Lucas Moura and Angel Di Maria are PSG’s current main attacking midfielders. If we look at the statistcis and performances Philippe Coutinho comes above Lucas Moura and Javier Pastore. PSG has easily won the Ligue 1 for the past few seasons and now their target will be Champions League glory. And bringing in Philippe Coutinho will be a right step towards achieving their target.
PSG mostly played in the 4-3-3 formation this season. Lucas Moura and Angel Di Maria used to operate on the wings. Sometimes Edinson Cavani and Javier Pastore used to play in these positions. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has left PSG after his contract with the club expired so that means Edinson Cavani might get more playing time as the striker. Philippe Coutinho is good in the left wing and if Lucas Moura stays at PSG, there will be stiff competition between the Brazilians. Philippe Coutinho could also occupy the central midfield role along with Blaise Matuidi. Philippe Coutinho’s versatility will help him to settle at the club if he is to leave Liverpool this summer.

Things would be even better for PSG if they can make changes in their preferred formation. If they change their current formation to 4-2-3-1, then they could play an attacking Midfield of Coutinho, Moura and Di Maria. Edinson Cavani could play as the striker. Matuidi and Verratti could operate the central midfield. In this case everyone can play in their preferred positions.

Overall, the answer to the question that ‘Will Coutinho Be A Good Signing For PSG?’ Is simple. Yes, because Philippe Coutinho is quality and Adding a quality to the squad is always good.