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The Pros And Cons Of Signing Piotr Zielinski



Liverpool are set to make their second signing of the summer by signing Udinese Midfielder, Piotr Zielinski. Reports this week say that Liverpool have officially placed a bid of 9.5 Million Euros for the 22 year old. Napoli was also reported to be interested in the Polish youngster, but the player himself is keen on joining Liverpool and working with Jurgen Klopp.

Udinese is expected to accept Liverpool’s offer and let Zielinski joing the Reds. Piotr Zielinski will be Liverpool’s second signing after Goalkeeper Loris Karius. Liverpool also had signings Marko Grujic, who is also a Midfielder, earlier this year. Though both Grujic and Zielinski play in the same position, they both have different playing styles which is a great advantage for Liverpool.

The Liverpool fans have split opinion regarding Piotr Zielinski transfer to Liverpool. Some people see the pros of signing the Polish international, but some others see the cons of signing the central midfielder. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Liverpool signing Piotr Zielinski.


Just What Liverpool Needed In Midfield:
If you look at the Liverpool’s squad last season, you can see that they lacked a deep lying playmaker. Emre Can is more of a defensive minded player and didn’t go forward much. James Milner and Jordan Henderson were the other Central Midfielders Liverpool had. Both of them actually failed to create chances like they were expected to. Zielinski is a deep lying playmaker who can create chances. He can be compared to Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool when it comes to footwork and vision.

A Zeljko Buvac Finding:
It is said that Piotr Zielinski was suggested to Klopp by his assistant Zeljko Buvac. If several reports are to believied, Buvac scouted Zielinski throughout 2015/16. Klopp refers Buvac to as his ‘Brain’ and he completely trusts the Serbian. It was with the help of Buvac that Klopp bought players like Marco Reus, Robert Lewandowski, Shinji Kagawa and Ilkay Gundogan to Borussia Dortmund, and the duo might be planning to do the same at Liverpool. Klopp and Buvac have bought young players who nobody knew of and turned them into stars. Piotr Zielinski might be the latest in that list.


Not Starting Eleven Material:
Emre Can was the only Liverpool Central Midfielder who put up consistent performances last season. James Milner, Jordan Henderson, Lucas Leiva and Joe Allen couldn’t prove themselves and hold down a starting eleven spot. At the end of the season it was clear that Liverpool need a new midfield maestro. Someone who can really control the game. And if you look at Zielinski, he is not that player. He will be only a squad player next season. We can’t expect him to be a regular starter for Liverpool next season, considering his inexperience.

Lack Of Space For Midfielders:
Liverpool have already bought midfielder Marko Grujic earlier this year and he will be joining the side in July. And if Zielinski is also to be bought by Liverpool then they might have to make arrangements to accommodate the new comers in the squad. Liverpool already have quiet a good number of central midfielders in Emre Can, Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Joe Allen, Lucas Leiva, Cameron Brannagan and Kevin Stewart. Klopp prefers the 4-2-3-1 formation which means, all these seven midfielders are fighting for just two spots. If you add Grujic and Zielinski to the list, that’s nine players fighting for two spots. If that is the case, Liverpool might have to make space for the new comers. Reports say Joe Allen might be going back to his old club Swansea. Apart from that, no other Liverpool midfielder, until now, is expected leave the club this summer.

Piotr Zielinski is a talented player and could follow the footsteps of Shinji Kagawa and Ilkay Gundogan under Jurgen Klopp. In that case it might be right to ignore the cons of signing the Polish international. The player is keen on joining the Merseyside club, Zeljko Buvac likes and Udinese are willing to sell. With that being said, Piotr Zielinski to Liverpool makes complete sense and Liverpool should go ahead with the move.