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Why Liverpool’s Sadio Mane Is A Better Signing Than Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan?




As the Euros are coming to an end, the focus of the footballing world will be shifted to the summer transfer period which is expected to be a busy summer for the English clubs. With the new TV deal, top ten clubs are going to have a lot of cash to make upgrades in their squad. Manchester clubs are expected to be the highest spenders as the reds till now have made sensible signings considering the net spend being low because of the expected sales of Christian Benteke and Jordan Ibe.

Sadio Mane is expected to be the marquee signing for the reds this summer as he becomes the fifth player to arrive from Southampton in a past couple of seasons. His fee is reported to be £34million, which is a bit on the higher side and has to prove himself at Anfield to justify his huge price tag.

On the other hand, Henrikh Mkhitaryan was unveiled by Man Utd and the comparisons have been started with the two because of the unending hate between the two clubs which is important to the supporters than the local rivals. Just like Roberto Firmino was compared with Memphis Depay last season, this campaign will be judged in transfers between the duel of Mane and Mkhitaryan. Let’s compare the duo and see who comes out on top:

Comparing last season for both the players will give an idea about their form and their contribution to the team as both midfielder’s main job at the end is influencing the game and pushing forward to create opportunities. Mkhitaryan had his best season in terms of individual stats as he scored eleven goals and Bundesliga’s record breaking fifteen assists last season. He also scored at Anfield last season while Mane scored four goals last campaign against the reds and the Senegalese has scored most goals against a single club which happens to be Liverpool.

Sadio Mane scored the same as the Armenian last season but had 6 assists which gives an upper hand to the United man. Both created similar chances while Mane is leading in pass percentage and shots on target in the last season. The duo are hardworking individuals and track back when needed and are complete team players. Both are goal scoring midfielders which brings an extra dimension to their team’s attack, they compensate each other for all the differences between them with Mkhitaryan’s vision and Mane’s raw blistering pace.

It is very difficult to compare the two talented individuals but Mane trumps the Armenian as he has an experience of two seasons in the league whereas Mkhitaryan will need some time to settle to life in England. Also his physique is not that good to be able to withstand England’s tough football and with attacking midfield being the best suited position for him, it will create difficulty to adjust him and Rooney into the first team. While Mane comes straight into the lineup and can form a threatening trio with Coutinho, himself and Firmino.

Many big players have failed to live up to the expectations at United and also in the Premier League. Whereas Mane has to prove the hefty price that the reds shelled out to sign him. The hope for all the supporters will be that this duel will end the same way as the debate between Firmino and Depay ended.