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Why China Is The Best Option For This Out Of Favour Liverpool Star




Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has made his intentions clear about his side for the next season. The German boss is willing to axe many of his players with some already transferred. The players most likely to go are the strikers Mario Balotelli and Christian Benteke. The Italian forward was on a loan at AC Milan and did not have a good season in the Serie A. While many clubs have been linked with the Italian striker, there is a strong possibility that he might end up with a transfer to the Chinese super league.

A lot of big names have moved to the Chinese league in the last couple of years and there is a lot of money on the offering for these players. According to a report by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the agent of Balotelli has been having transfer talks with some of the clubs of the Super League with a hope of getting a big move for the striker in terms of the transfer amount. Klopp has already announced in front of the media that he has asked the player to start looking for other clubs.

Why China seems the best destination-
The 25 year old striker is at that stage of his career where he is not able to perform to his abilities in the big leagues. He had a torrid season with Liverpool and post that was not looking in good shape during his time at AC Milan.


A move to the Chinese league would mean a lot of football for the striker which could help him possibly gain his lost strides and momentum back. There have been instances where big players have joined smaller leagues, regained their touch and come out strong. Balotelli needs a similar change in his career and if the transfer amount matches the expectations of the player, this move can be helpful to him and Liverpool FC.
Pirlo’s thoughts on this-
Balotelli’s Italian team-mate, the former Milan legend Andrea Pirlo thinks otherwise. In a statement made to the media, the Italian urged his fellow country-mate not to consider moving to Italy. This is what Pirlo had to say.

“He has played for so many big clubs, it’s easy to forget he’s only 25. I have read things about him and China. With all respect to their league, Mario should not be going there yet.”

Balotelli’s future is certainly uncertain at the moment, but one thing that we can surely expect is his departure from Liverpool by the end of this transfer season.

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