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2 Pros And Cons Of Liverpool Signing This Euro Finalist



Moussa Sissoko

Liverpool have recently been linked with the French midfielder from Newcastle – Moussa Sissoko. Newcastle have been relegated to the championship and it won’t be a surprise to see most of their star players leaving the St. James’ Park this summer. The Reds have already acquired the services of the Dutch midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum and are now trying to lure his former teammate Sissoko in the squad. This comes after the departure of their Welsh Pirlo to Stoke City. Joe Allen made a move to The Potters with a deal worth £13m and Liverpool now have a midfield position to fill in. The speculation with Sissoko has raised a lot of questions and debates about this being a good move or not. Here are our thoughts on the pros and cons of signing Sissoko.

The Pros

Chemistry with Wijnaldum-

After the arrival of Wijnaldum, the prospect of having Sissoko seems exciting due to the chemistry that the two players shared at Newcastle. Also, the possibility of this new partnership might just add a new dynamism to the existing Liverpool midfield which did not look strong enough in some of their matches last season. If this deal goes through, Liverpool will have a much needed depth in the midfield and a wider array of options.

A good fit for Gegenpressing-

Sissoko is known to have a nag to play for the defensive midfield position. Currently Liverpool do not have good alternative options for the central and the defensive midfield positions and the Frenchman might be a good choice, especially for the defensive position as an alternative for Emre Can. Also, his strength and pace can be put to good use in Klopp’s gegenpressing technique.

The Cons


Huge price tag

Newcastle have put a huge price tag of £35m on the midfielder and with this amount it will be a tough task to get the player on board considering Klopp’s plans to sign a quality left back and possibly a center back as well. Liverpool are yet to have confirmed deals for Benteke and Balotelli and without their departure it might not seem the best option to shell out this much money on a midfielder.

Paradox of choice

Sissoko is known to be a box to box midfielder and his inclusion at this point is not that critical as Liverpool need to fill in other positions at priority. Also the fact that they have recently signed a midfielder with a similar caliber, it might become a dilemma for the manager later on in selecting his side.