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3 Defensive Target Liverpool Could Look To Sign Before The Season Kicks Off




This is no secret that even after completing seven top deals in the transfer window, the manager still needs to fill few holes in the squad, most notably, on the left area. Jurgen Klopp’s men recently suffered a narrow 2-1 defeat against the Italian giants AS Roma, and after that, many believe that the squad still lacks that fine cutting edge.

It can be easily said that the next season of the Premier League will be the toughest one of all, hence, results from every single game will count, so there is no margin for error. Unlike the other European Leagues, Premier League have 6-7 teams that challenge for the titles, hence, this makes it even more amusing.

The positive aspect for the Merseysiders is the lack of European football, and due to that, the manager as well as the players, could solely work on bringing the title back to the Anfield without worrying about Europe. As stated earlier, Liverpool still needs a couple of names for some spots if they really want to challenge for the title, hence, we give you three defenders Liverpool could target to complete the transfer window:



  • Benoît Trémoulinas-

Benoît Trémoulinas


Starting from the first priority, i.e., left back; the 30-year-old French left back isn’t the most known personnel in the sport, but he knows how to assert his authorities on the pitch. Trémoulinas, who have 200 appearances to his name for Bordeaux, is currently serving the Spanish side Sevilla, and looking at Liverpool’s issues on the left, Trémoulinas could well be an answer.

He also isn’t the youngest player on the pitch, but he surely is an upgrade for Moreno on the spot. The two-times Europa League winner with Sevilla, Trémoulinas, could actually become a first team regular as he has that experience that could easily surpass Alberto Moreno for the spot.


  • Mattia De Sciglio-

Mattia De Sciglio

The first and utmost advantage of signing this 23-year-old AC Milan defender is his versatility. De Sciglio, who is often compared with Italian legend Paolo Maldini, can easily operate the game from both the flanks and even if Liverpool lose Clyne for some reason, De Sciglio could work as a perfect replacement for the Englishman.

De Sciglio is known for completing his defensive abilities in style and besides that, he has the pace and blistering stamina that helps him to launch himself forward at times. The Italian is a sure upgrade for Alberto Moreno for the left spot, and could also serve as a backup for Nathaniel Clyne on the right.


  •  Jonathan Tah-

Jonah Tah

Even though Liverpool already have 4 centre-halves, adding one more to the list won’t do any damage. We all are aware of the fact that Liverpool are known for their injury concerns and that eventually affects the performance of the entire team, hence, the signing of this 20-year-old German makes sense.

The 6’3″ defender is known for his no-nonsense defending and thanks to his muscular built, Tah can launch himself to challenge for the ball and that could easily work in the league like the Premier League.