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Realistic Expectations For Klopp’s First Full Season At Liverpool




The new season is less than a fortnight away and there is a sense of anticipation and excitement across the club, amongst the fans and the players. Jurgen Klopp has been under pressure from day 1 and he has managed to bring the team together and improve the existing squad. This transfer season gave Klopp the opportunity to sign players that would fit in his vision and the manager made some notable signings in the window. However, it is too early to comment on how the season would fare for the manager, but compared to the last season, the squad looks much stronger. With so much to hope for, the pre-season fixtures did give a reality check to the side with a lot of scope for improvement seen. The new signings did show the spark and it looks like they won’t take much time to settle at their new club.

With so much happening, the fans will definitely have a sense of optimism and will dream of winning the premier league title. This will be Klopp’s first complete season as the boss and the possibilities seems logical as he has already established some of his ways at the new club and it won’t be long before they start to show in the form of good results. All this looks good on paper, but we all known the premier league is the most competitive league in the world and it is impossible to predict the eventual winners even half way down the line.


A realistic target

This season, a realistic target looks a top four finish in the league with a qualification to the Champions league for the next season. Last season, Liverpool dropped many points at Anfield and there were many defensive flaws in the side. If these mistakes are worked upon and the consistency is maintained, Liverpool can finish in the top four. However, this season looks all the more difficult with the arrival of Conte and Guardiola along with some of the biggest names in the world of football at the moment. The stakes are high and the competition is of the highest order along with teams like Leicester and Southampton posing a tough challenge for the comparatively bigger clubs. Liverpool fans and players will be happy if their side manages to get a top four finish and restore European football for the next season. Also, a silverware in the domestic tournaments would be a perfect cherry on the cake.