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Arsenal Joy Followed By The Burnley Horror Show, But Why Liverpool Fans Don’t Have To Go Into Panic Mode Just Yet




Soon after giving an impressive display at the Emirates, against Arsenal, the Merseyside club Liverpool faced a humiliating 2-0 defeat at hands of the newly promoted Premier League side, Burnley. Before the season kicked off, a positive buzz around the Anfield was sensed, but that defeat might have angered many fans around the globe.

Soon after the game, Liverpool manager went on to say that his side still has a lot to learn, and that is certainly correct from every point of view. If analysing the transfers, then Liverpool have bought seven players and majority of them are the attackers. Thanks to the injuries, Liverpool is going short in defenders and that has cost the side a lot.

The left back spot is still problematic, while the defending midfield area is also something the manager should work upon. The absence of Emre Can was clearly sensed in the game, and in the situations like these, Liverpool does not really have concrete options. This is no secret that the current campaign of the Premier League is one of the toughest and exciting one, and solely due to that; every game has a consequence.

“We have to accept how it was today. We have a lot to learn and it was nothing about attitude.

“We made our mistakes and that’s obvious and we passed the ball in the wrong moments,” Klopp added. “But we had absolutely no luck and they had a little bit around the goals.

“But they deserved the win with a very passionate performance. We tried our best but it wasn’t enough.”

This is what the manager had to say after the game. well, only this quality of him makes him a crowd favourite not just at Anfield, but around the globe. He is a passionate personnel, who loves to work with his players with all hearts out and what makes his side stronger is his credence on his players.


And even after the game, he was asked about the potential transfer activities for the coming days, and the manager responded calmly:

“If one game should change my mind then I would be a real idiot,” he said. “I know you would all buy a left-back but a midfielder?

“Emre Can was on the bench, he had a back problem, Lucas Leiva is injured and you ask me for a hard midfield player. The answer is I don’t know – we will see.”

The side will now face Burton Albion in the Football League Cup Second round, and they need to keep their heads high. Fans need to recap the previous season, where the manager took their side to two cup finals in just 8 months and the side still have 36 games to go and that is a big number. Just like their manager, the fans need to stay calm and support their side like they always do.

And always remember: You Will Never Walk Alone