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Why Liverpool Should Avoid Signing This American Playing In The Bundesliga



Christian Pulisic1

Liverpool have had a tough outing last time out, but they managed to clinch a point out of the fixture as they ended their clash against Tottenham Hotspur with one goal-a-piece. Well, this is no secret that Liverpool are still in a state of transition and even after signing seven new players into the squad, they still need reinforcement in several areas, most notably, on left back.

Despite all the problems they faced, the manager still stated that they won’t be signing a new left-back this summer as James Milner is more than enough for the team. Now, according to the reports from Daily Mail, the manager, Jurgen Klopp, has identified a new player to sign. Keep your heads cool as this player isn’t a defender, but is an attacking midfielder.

The manager is currently monitoring the situation of Borussia Dortmund’s 17-year-old midfielder Christian Pulisic. the same source have further stated that the Merseysiders have already launched a £11million offer for the 17-year-old American, who made history last season when he became the youngest non-German player to score in the Bundesliga.

Besides Liverpool, the other clubs like Stoke City, Red Bull Leipzig and CSKA Moscow are also reportedly chasing the youngster, and if the Merseysiders really tends to sign him up, they need to act fast. But do Liverpool really need this 17-year-old wonder-kid?

Well, to be perfectly honest, we are totally against the move because practically speaking, there is no real room for the youngster to fit in. yes, there is no doubt that the player is a great prospect for the future and is destined to do wonders, but right at this very moment, where will he fit in the squad?

Christian Pulisic

As mentioned earlier, the manager has brought seven new players into the squad and majority of them are the attackers and this has congested the midfield to a greater extent. The manager should keep the fact in mind that the side won’t be playing the midweek football (European football), hence, the squad rotation would be minimum, so the manager needs to choose wisely.

Besides all of this, the player has been highly criticized for the lack of his consistency. Yes, he is just 17 and this can be sorted out, but can Liverpool really take that risk?  As I mentioned earlier, Liverpool already have a bag full of players battling for the top spot and they really cannot afford to buy more attacking players.

What they really need is a left back, which they probably won’t be signing now, a defensive midfielder, and a perfect striker (maybe) and that’s that.

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