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Three Things Kloop Needs To Sort Out Before Liverpool Head To The Business End Of The Campaign




The Merseyside club Liverpool started their new Premier League campaign in a stylish fashion as they outnumbered the North London outfit Arsenal at their home soil, but not very surprisingly, they failed to replicate the same form against the lowly Burnley side in the very next fixture of the league and further went on to play a 1-1 draw against Lilly-Whites, which according to their current perspective, was a fair result.

Right at this very moment, Jurgen Klopp’s men are lying on the 11th spot with just four points in hand out of 9. Up until now, this is no secret that the club really needs to pack it up and go for the honour. Their manager, who came at the Anfield last October, really rejuvenated the supporters and to fulfil their ambitions, the players need to work more consistently.

The Anfield outfit are yet to play in front of their home supporters, but that surely isn’t the excuse for their form. Besides all of it, the manager is currently struggling in terms of the injuries as many players are struggling with fitness issue. The league this time around, isn’t the same anymore and if Liverpool want to go for the title, the manager needs to work on many aspects, and here, we give you three things that Klopp needs to sort out so that they could have a fresh start after the international break.

  1. Consistency:


The first and utmost thing for the club that needs to be worked upon is the consistency. Not surprisingly, but the club yet again has been a victim of the same and the manager really need to find a cure for this. The team is well capable of giving some top sides a run for their money, but their form against the comparatively lower sides is really baffling.

Since the German has taken the reins, players have been very confident in their games, especially against the bigger side, but the players like Coutinho, Firmino and others goes missing in the rest of the occasion. This time around, almost 6-7 clubs will be battling for the top four finish and if Liverpool really wants to get their name on the list, they need to sort this issue out.

  1. Proper central midfield:

Georginio Wijnaldum

The Merseysiders have observed a huge transition in the midfield since the departure of their skipper Steven Gerrard, but none of them have really been able to fill the void. Even at this moment, the manager is struggling to find a perfect midfield combination as the player are either struggling for the fitness or to find a perfect form.

Emre Can, who was one of the brightest spots for the manager last term hasn’t featured for the club in the Premier League this term due to injury and due to this, the manager has used Jordan Henderson, who is actually good for nothing (no offence, though). Be it 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, there still isn’t any combination in the midfielder that has worked out really well. The new signing Gini Wijnaldum, who is supposed to be a pure attacking threat, is serving the manager in the central midfield and till date, he hasn’t found a footing and this is something the manager should really work upon.

  1. Alberto Moreno’s conundrum:


Liverpool’s 24-year-old defender Alberto Moreno has been on the sight of Liverpool’s fan for long. Soon after they suffered a defeat against Sevilla in the Europa League final, many blamed the Spaniard for his poor display and till date, he has failed to find proper form. Undoubtedly, the 24-year-old is a threat for most of the opposition while attacking, but when it comes to defending the lines, Moreno leaves big spaces and that costs the team most of the time.

Right at this very moment, the Spaniard has lost his spot to the former Manchester City man James Milner, who isn’t the natural player for the spot. It is safe to say that Moreno is eventually becoming a scapegoat for the team and that is why the manager needs to take the decision quickly. Well, Liverpool do not really have many options for the spot as they have sold Brad Smith, hence, a quick yet effective decision is expected from the manager.

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