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Liverpool’s England International Waxed Lyrical About His Team-Mate And Partner In Crime



james milner

Liverpool’s great start to the season has seen a number of people speak out about James Milner. The England midfielder has been shifted successfully to a left-back and has kept Alberto Moreno out of the team.

It seems that the Englishman’s ability has become the talk of the town and in the team as well. Nathaniel Clyne, who plays on the opposite flank, shared his thoughts about the versatility of the 30-year-old star.

“He seems to make it look easy! I’ve trained my whole career to be a full-back and he comes in and makes it look easy! He’s enjoying it and also getting on the scoresheet.

“He’s a very experienced professional – every team needs a James Milner in their side. He can play in any position.”

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Clyne also shared what the nickname for the right-back was at Liverpool.

“The manager has called me a machine in the past.

“I’m not entirely sure why, it’s probably because I play in loads of games and rarely get injured or come off with knocks.

“All I try and do is my best for the team and try not to complain about anything.”

Milner and Clyne: Partners in crime

Liverpool’s attack is certainly the talking point this season as the Reds are the top scorers in the league. But the duo of Milner and Clyne have been doing their bit for the team as well. Clyne has always been the most consistent Liverpool player since signing for the club but Milner has been exceptional this campaign.

The 30-year-old former Manchester City player has been shifted to a new role but it seems he has been playing in this position for years. Playing as the left-back in any system is tough, especially when you are a midfielder. But playing in Klopp’s high-pressing and high-energy system is not the easiest thing in the world.

Nevertheless, the duo have not only done well in attack but have done their bit in keeping Liverpool in games as well. Milner is also the top scorer for Liverpool with four goals, though all of them are from penalties.


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