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Jurgen Klopp Finally Decides Which Goalie Is His Number One at Liverpool




There was uncertainty about which goalkeeper would be the number one at Liverpool come the start of the season. Loris Karius was expected to take over the duties from Simon Mignolet but a broken hand in preseason ended that from taking place.

While Mignolet did start the season well, Karius has now become the first choice goalkeeper according to Jurgen Klopp. The Liverpool manager was speaking after the 2-1 win over West Bromwich Albion and explained the situation between the two goalkeepers.

“In this moment, we have a number one and that is Loris Karius. That’s the situation. I cannot leave them in doubt. There was a short moment when we gave him (Karius) time to see a little more of him.

“After the last international break, I spoke to both of them and made that decision. There’s nothing else to say. I’ve made that decision. Loris is No1 at this moment and Simon is number two.”

This certainly is a different route taken by the former Borussia Dortmund manager. Klopp was earlier quoted as saying that there is no number one goalkeeper at the Reds and both players will fight it out.

Mignolet will be given a chance to impress

Even though Karius has been named the number one goalkeeper, there are doubts about his abilities. The 23-year-old German still does not seem confident between the sticks and this could provide the Belgian goalie to reclaim his spot in the side.

Mignolet was in action in the fourth round of the EFL Cup against Tottenham while Karius was rested. The former Sunderland goalkeeper was not happy at being demoted by Klopp but has taken it on the chin and is putting in more hard work.

“It is a luxury problem for me. I made the decision and of course he was not happy about it but he is a really good professional.

“We have had a few talks and I don’t have the perfect answer for him. He’s still not happy but nobody can see this in training. He is working hard.”

More keepers, more problems

While the Reds might have two international standard keepers in their side, their problems are still for all to see. Both Mignolet and Karius aren’t good while coming off the line and it is no surprise that the Reds have only one clean sheet all season in the Premier League.

Mignolet, for his part, has looked to be the safer pair of hands between the two. The Belgian could still get a chance before the January window to prove that he is the number one goalkeeper should Karius make a mistake.

That scenario isn’t far away as the young German has made a number of errors this season already. And it is only a matter of time before he does pay. Jurgen certainly should have gotten a better goalkeeper over the summer but as long as the team keeps winning, there is no problem. Should they start dropping points to goalkeeping howlers that is when questions will be asked about Klopp’s decision making.

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