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Newcastle Fans Tear Apart Liverpool Striker On Twitter After Suggestions That He Should Switch Clubs



Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool.

News emerged of former Sunderland man Micky Gray suggesting that out of favour Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge to move to Newcastle United, as the striker is sidelined once again after a recurrence of a hip injury. He pulled out of the game against Crystal Palace, which the Reds lost 2-1 and it increasingly looks like he might not make a comeback at Anfield after all.

Former Sunderland man Micky Gray said while talking to talkSPORT,

“Newcastle would snap your hands off right now for somebody like Daniel Sturridge. He is a goalscorer who is going to get you 15, 20 goals a season. They might only get 25 to 30 games out of him at a push but those 15, 20 goals will keep you in the Premier League for another season.”

However, this did not go down well with the Newcastle fans on Twitter, as they tore Gray and Sturridge apart after the former’s suggestion.

They took to Twitter to express their view on Daniel Sturridge moving to Newcastle and it does not read well for Liverpool fans.

Despite Sturridge being an out of favour star, it doesn’t look good to see him get bashed by other club fans on the social media.