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Former Red Claims That Liverpool Are An Entertainment For Everyone Except Their Own Fans



Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher

Liverpool probably is the team that provides the most action when it comes to goals, ever since Jurgen Klopp took over. While we are an attacking force to be reckoned with, our defensive issues just don’t seem to go away and we are still conceding sloppy goals in almost every game.

The 4-0 hammering of Arsenal seems long gone and we have conceded 11 goals from our opening 6 Premier League fixtures. We were at it again as we conceded twice against Leicester City in our 3-2 win and one former player seems to believe we are the best draw in the Premier League, at least for entertainment.

As quoted by the Independent, Jamie Carragher stated that everyone wants to watch us on TV.

“They have [become the entertainers of the Premier League]. I think watching Liverpool now is the hottest ticket in town.”

The former central defender was, however, quick to add that while neutrals might find us entertaining, our fans are not the ones who enjoy our games.

“I think if Liverpool are on TV everyone wants to watch, but I think if there’s one set of supporters who aren’t being entertained by it, it’s Liverpool supporters.

“Entertainment for me means you enjoy it. Now I was watching Liverpool in the pub, the game was on, it goes 2-0, it goes 3-1, no one can relax.”

The former England defender hit the nail on the head by saying that even a 2-0 lead is not good enough to confirm a win and added that we should be killing off teams rather than giving them a way back into the game.

“Everyone is still on edge because Liverpool at the moment should be killing teams off, but what Liverpool do is give them oxygen, teams think they’ve got a chance against them because history has shown over the past couple of years they always concede goals.”

Carra was known for not only his great defensive ability but also for the way he managed the back four and even commanded the goalkeeper. That is something which is amiss in this Liverpool team and even with internationals like Simon Mignolet, Dejan Lovren and Nathaniel Clyne in our side, we are just not able to crack the code of defending well enough.

Our lack of defensive discipline seems to be affecting not only our back five but also our attack. Maybe we do need someone like a Carra in a coaching role to help us get better. We already have Steven Gerrard looking after the U18 team and Carra could be the answer to us getting a lot more clean-sheets.

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