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“Matip been rubbish this season so far” – Liverpool Fans Have A Go At The Reds Defender After Maribor Win



Liverpool might have won their second consecutive game 3-0, this time against Maribor in the UEFA Champions League, but there still was time for some fans to have a pop at a player.

With Dejan Lovren not featuring for us since his high-profile errors in the game against Tottenham and then the rather disturbing death threats his family received, it seems the brunt of the ire was faced by Lovren’s partner, Joel Matip.

The former Schalke man has regularly been our best defender in recent games but this time around, it is a little strange as to why he was being picked on. Matip might have had a couple of poor games but he wasn’t the worst player in the win over Maribor, not that many of our players played poorly.

Twitter was filled with a number of negative reactions on the Cameroon defender and here are a few of them.

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