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Blow for Liverpool as club denies agreeing to £48.4m deal with the Reds – report



Nabil Fekir

Another twist has taken place in the Nabil Fekir transfer as Lyon have come out and made a statement on Twitter about the transfer.

Eurosport carried a translated version of the tweet which said:

“The information on the transfer of Nabil Fekir is false.

“Olympique Lyonnais categorically denies the false information disseminated by many media about the transfer of Nabil Fekir to the Liverpool club.”

This is the latest in the long-drawn transfer as earlier reports had suggested that a £48.4m deal was done to finalise the move of the 24-year-old to Anfield.

Lyon rubbished those rumours and further went on to claim that the only information which can be considered authentic is the one which is present on their website.

This might come as a bit of a blow to Liverpool fans. However, Lyon did perform a similar act last season when they stated that Alexandre Lacazette was not going anywhere and a few days later, he was sold to Arsenal.

This could be a ploy from Lyon to ensure they get more money out of the deal and possibly a measure to ensure that their fans do not get frustrated regarding the sale of their star player before the start of the World Cup.

There should be more clarity in this deal in the next few days but hopefully, it turns out to be good news for us ahead of the World Cup.