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“The years slipped through his fingers” – Liverpool fans share hilarious updates as two stars share birthday



Danny Ward

Danny Ward

There are certain things that are just unbelievable in the world of football. As we all know, Liverpool have had a rather poor time regarding goalkeepers and their performances.

In fact, ever since Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at the club, we have flip-flopped on who would be our No.1 and that led to a number of swaps between Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet.

Karius was made our No.1 after a while and even made it to the Champions League final against Real Madrid but things certainly did not go his way as his errors cost us two goals and the title.

While there have been discussions about his future at the club and that of Danny Ward too, it comes as a major surprise that both Ward and Karius have the same birthday.

While the Reds did their best at wishing the duo, the fans certainly had a great time responding to this incredible coincidence.

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