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Here’s what Jurgen Klopp had to say about Loris Karius’ howler in the pre-season game



Jurgen Klopp has backed Loris Karius after the goalkeeper made another mistake in the 3-2 win over Tranmere Rovers in our second pre-season game.

The Liverpool manager also wanted the attention on Karius, especially by the media, and expects the team to support the former Mainz keeper.

The German manager was quoted by the Guardian after the Tranmere game as saying:

“No one likes that goal but, if we talk about that, then the second goal is Milly’s [James Milner’s] fault.

“Two brilliant footballers make mistakes but we only talk about one. We can’t make a story after each mistake. Let’s carry on and make the best of the situation and learn from it.”

Klopp did seem a little miffed when he was asked how the spotlight could move away from Karius this season:

“You can stop it by not asking, promise? Until he has a few fantastic games you cannot change that.”

While the Liverpool manager did claim that he and the team would support Karius, it does seem that the player is lacking confidence after the two mistakes in the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Karius was voted as the second best keeper in the Bundesliga before joining the Reds but it does seem he has lost all his confidence and needs more than just backing from the team to reach his potential.

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If the German does not get better this season, we might only have the likes of Danny Ward or Simon Mignolet to replace him in goal, with neither of them having spent a lot of time playing for the Reds last season.

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