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Fan rant of the day: Time to ban all kind of passion in games after Jurgen Klopp’s FA charge




Liverpool players celebrate Merseyside derby winner

The Merseyside derby winner from Divock Origi will forever be remembered, at least by the Liverpool fans.

A player coming from out of the blue to take advantage of a mistake from Jordan Pickford in the 96th minute, you just could not write such things.

Jurgen Klopp going ballistic, now that is something you could predict. The German is known for his passionate celebrations whenever his team scores a goal, and well, we saw another one at Anfield on Sunday.

Klopp must have been as surprised as any of the Liverpool fans when Origi’s goal went in. The German ran onto the pitch, jumped around with Alisson, came back towards the byline, jumped around a bit more and finally was able to calm down.

Trent alexander Arnold Joe Gomez Liverpool

The manager was apologetic about his behaviour after the goal and spoke with Marco Silva, the Everton manager, for a while.

“I have to apologise because I didn’t want to be disrespectful – but I couldn’t stop myself. It just happened,” the German was quoted by the BBC.

Silva further claimed that he didn’t see the celebrations from Klopp and added he might have done the same if his team scored such a late winner.

“I didn’t see any disrespect.”

Danny Mills seemed to have it in for Klopp and was quoted (h/t BBC) saying:

“But to run into the middle of the pitch, I think it’s disrespectful to Everton.

“There are so many managers that get absolutely hammered but Klopp is very media friendly, everybody seems to love him and he can’t do anything wrong.

“You cannot go on to the middle of the pitch, no matter what the circumstances.”

Klopp was subsequently charged by the FA and faced a fine and a ban, but got away with just a fine, according to the BBC.

There has been a lot said about Klopp’s behaviour but the German is known to be passionate on and off the pitch.

This is not the first time he has celebrated this wildly after a goal, and his former club Mainz shared a small clipping of just what the German has done.

Klopp is a football fan first, and well, this fan went ballistic watching Origi score that goal. All the German did was run to his own player and celebrate with him.

There was no goading of the opposition, there was not celebrating wildly in front of the opposition fans to make a point, there was no time being wasted and this was a special moment for any person related to Liverpool.

Klopp didn’t injure anyone, he didn’t abuse or manhandle the ref, and yet, he was charged with misconduct from the FA.

Jurgen Klopp & Xherdan Shaqiri

It is tough to find this celebration being disrespectful to anyone at all, and frankly, there have been much worse incidents on the touchline.

The German is being made a scapegoat by the FA to show how they are trying to bring the game into control, but take this passion away and we are left with robots on the pitch that just walk back after scoring a goal.

Celebrating by taking the shirt off gets a player booked, which is something I don’t agree with. The referee could have done something similar with Klopp but is it really necessary?

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Football is a game filled with emotion and you should not punish people for showing it, as long as it doesn’t disrespect the opposition.

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