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“His reaction was just brilliant” – Jurgen Klopp backs former Liverpool star subjected to racial abuse



Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling

Former Liverpool star Raheem Sterling was the target of some Chelsea fans during Manchester City’s loss to the Blues.

One fan, in particular, was alleged to have hurled racist abuse at the Englishman (h/t Sky Sports) and Jurgen Klopp praised Sterling’s reaction to the situation even as Chelsea and the police continue to investigate the incident.

Sterling collected the ball and had a bit of a smile as the fans went berserk near the touch-line and Klopp said that the Englishman’s response was correct (h/t Sky Sports):

“I watched the game obviously and I saw the situation when Raheem went for the corner with a few guys shouting at him.

“I am not sure if it is possible to hear what they shouted. I did not hear it.

“But I already thought his reaction was just brilliant. You saw his face and he gave the right response, not to react for these people. They do not earn any reaction. They do not deserve any respect.”

The German added that he wasn’t surprised that such incidents still take place and hinted that taking action was the right way forward.

“I like the fact that we put the finger on it and say ‘you cannot say what you want’.”

Klopp further mentioned an incident where Kevin-Price Boateng stopped a game midway while he was playing for AC Milan.

The German didn’t believe most fans were problematic but wanted punishment for those that are:

“Punish them but don’t talk too much about them because they do not deserve that we talk about them.”

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While Liverpool fans might not like the Englishman for leaving in the manner he did, we can all agree that there is no place for racism anywhere.

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