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FIFA’s new transfer rules could save Liverpool up to £15m a season

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By Saiyed Adeem Karim

Liverpool spent more than £90m over a four-year period on intermediaries

FIFA’s Football Stakeholders Committee are set to share their recommendations to the FIFA Council ahead of a meeting on 24th October, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The governing body is planning to change the transfer system and the committee will propose a cap on how much the agents can earn.

The report claims that selling clubs have to limit paying their agents to 10% of the total transfer fee for a player.

Buying clubs can only pay agents acting on their behalf only 3% of the transfer fee, while an agent representing a player in a deal would also be liable for 3% of the amount.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the selling club would be liable to pay a maximum of 10% of the fee to the agent while the buyer would pay a maximum of 6% of the value.

The 6% would be broken up into 3% for the agent representing the player and 3% to the agent representing the club.

Liverpool to save millions from the new proposals

The Liverpool Echo adds that the new proposals could save the club up to £15m per season.

The Premier League leaders spent £91.1m on agent fees for the period between 2015 to 2019, and the club ended up paying 18% of the amount as fees to other parties (h/t Liverpool Echo).

The spending data was only available for this four-year period, according to the report, and had the cap been in place, Liverpool would have spent a maximum of £29.8m on agents.

Liverpool are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to paying intermediaries and agents, with the Reds spending £10m more than Manchester City over the same period (h/t Liverpool Echo).

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