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5 Premier League records that are likely to crumble as Liverpool juggernaut marches on



Five Premier League Records Liverpool can break this season

The Reds are unstoppable at the moment. To use the adage, football is a game where two teams play each other and in the end, Liverpool win. That is how things are right now.

The Merseysiders have amassed 25 wins out of their 26 opening games. They have not lost a match in the Premier League since last January and it is hard to see where the next one can come from.


Liverpool have been unstoppable this season

Jurgen Klopp has built a relentless Red machine that looks to sweep everything in its path on the way to a place in Sporting history. In such a run, it is inevitable that the Reds break a plethora of records.

Football fans will be familiar with the well-known ones such as ‘Most points in a season’ or ‘Arsenal’s incredible 49 games without a loss’. Here we take a look at some of the other lesser-known records the Reds are on the cusp of rewriting.

1. Most consecutive home wins – 20

Who holds it? Manchester City

Where are the Reds at? – 20

The record for the most consecutive home wins could be the next record to fall. Manchester City hold the record for their 20 consecutive wins from March 2011 to March 2012.

Liverpool West Ham

Liverpool face a struggling West Ham at Anfield next

Liverpool have already equalled the tally after defeating Southampton 4-0 at Anfield prior to the winter break. The Reds next take on a struggling West Ham United side and have a real opportunity to rewrite history.

2. Fewest away goals conceded in a season – 9

Who holds it? Chelsea

Where are the Reds at? – 6

Liverpool have been extremely stingy of late, conceding once in 11 Premier League games. The Reds have currently conceded three goals lesser than Mourinho’s class of 2004-05.

Takumi Minamino

Wolves are the only side to have breached the Reds of late

Jurgen Klopp’s side still have to visit Goodison Park, Etihad and Emirates in their remaining six away games. Liverpool had conceded five goals in their opening seven away games and just one in the next six. If the Reds pull it off, it will be an impressive achievement.

3. Earliest title win by games remaining – 5

Who holds it? Manchester United, Manchester City

Where are the Reds at? – N/A

If the Reds keep up their winning run, they could win the title with seven games left to go. This is, of course, assuming that City do not drop any more points. Any slip up from the Sky Blues will hasten Liverpool’s ascendency to this mantle.

Sadio Mane of Liverpool

Liverpool could get a guard of honour at the Etihad

Both the Manchester clubs have a claim on the record. United won the title over Arsenal in the 2000/01 season with five games to go, while City matched that tally in the 2017/18 season when they hit an impressive 100 points.

4. Biggest title-winning margin – 19

Who holds it? Manchester City

Where are the Reds at? – Currently on 25

Another record held by Manchester City. The Citizens achieved this during the 2017-18 season where they scored 100 points, 19 more than Manchester United with 81.

David Silva

City scored an impressive 100 points in 2017/18

Liverpool currently has a 25-point lead over City, having played a game more. Even if City do win the game in hand, the Reds will still have a 22-point lead, which is three more than the record.

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5. The biggest gap from first to bottom – 82

Who holds it? Manchester City over Huddersfield Town

Where are the Reds at? – 58 points over Norwich City

This could be more of a touch and go. Norwich City is a better side than Huddersfield, with the Reds having to score 24 more points than the Canaries in the final 12 games.

Sadio Mane Liverpool

Sadio Mane ensured Liverpool kept their winning run going

It is not outside the realms of possibility considering Norwich’s tough run. Whether this tally can be matched or not remains to be seen.


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